Product Life-cycle Management


Managing all processes from concept, development processes, to place to market and after sales service processes under a single integrated system can be achieved with a firstclass Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) system.


With PLM, you can design your products faster than your competitors, drive them to the market, and shorten the time-to-market.


With Extreme Business Solutions’ PLM solution, the whole system is gathered under a single system so that your employees in different locations can work on the same project time and place independent. The teams working in different phases of the product can work in harmony with the integrated system.


It is mandatory that costly processes such as product development in a limited time should be achieved with high efficiency and accuracy. With the integrated PLM system, unnecessary revisions of design are significantly reduced, thereby significantly reducing prototype costs.


Integrated Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) system allows you to track individual documents for all processes and associate them with the corresponding process.


With Extreme Business Solutions’ PLM solution, you can differentiate the product recipe for each sample step and follow-up the costs. In this way you can calculate the cost of each sample step, and track variations.


With the Extreme Business Solutions’ PLM solution, it’s possible for all processes to assign tasks to employees in the relevant departments automatically or manually, and coordinate departments. In this way, you have planned your time which is the most valuable thing, and maximized you productivity.

Critical Path (CPM)


For sustainable success, with all the market demands, we have to use our limited time perfectly in this competitive world.


Any problem in product design, development or supply chain will effect you no matter where you are in the chain. By using the blessing of technology you have to have a healthy communication with your suppliers in the suppy chain. You have to predict problems that may happen and take precaution.


Having limited time has a great pressure on style design, confirmation processes and supplier relations. Despite all this pressure, businesses usually manage these processes by manual excel tables, e-mails and phone calls. These non-integrated systems cause weaker relationship between departments and irreversable mistakes in the work flow.


With Critical Path Management(CPM), you can continuously track your processes from product design to sample study, customer order to requirement process, purchase order to quality control and delivery to financial operations so you can prevent possible delays and take precaution.







Business Intelligence (BI)


Managers can make the right decisions at the right time, only by using a system that includes end users, customers and suppliers throughout the whole business process. Delays or problems during the process can be found by making real-time analysis so they can be fixed/covered before the next session.


In the traditional processes, if there is a problem or a delay, managers intervene/stop the process, make couple phone calls and fix the problem so the process continues. But it never starts where we left off. In these cases, to determine and solve the delay/problem immediately, decision makers should be directly connected to the work flow.


So let’s repeat the famous trilogy: With the classic BI system managers get summarized reports, defined indicators and a set of graphs. If they want detailed information, they have to ask for more. A delicate BI system offers it’s users tools like analysis cubes and dashboards. A better BI system helps you find the data at the source.


With Extreme Business Solutions’ embedded Operational Business Intelligence system, all users can put their decisions in to use immediately. Users who notice a problem, can find it in it’s source and fix it easily.



Started by the revenue administration’s regulations, the e-transition process continues with e-invoice and e-ledger.


e-Invoice is in use since 5 March 2010 with tax procedural law’s 397. article. It is an electronic document which has a standard and design decided by the revenue administration and it’s transmission is done between seller and buyer from the revenue administration’s website.


e-Ledger is an obligation for businesses decided by tax procedural law and Turkish commercial code and it has to be prepared in agreed standard design, saved without printing and it’s source has to be trustworthy.


With our turn-key solutions offers, we remove the paper invoice supply, storage and sending costs and prevent the problems that may occur in the transfer process.







Mobile Solutions


Extreme Business Solutions’ Mobile Business Solutions offers you a dynamic, user friendly system which will make life easier for your employees.


You can reach your applications integrated with your system with a smart phone , tablet or pocket pc independent from place and time.


With pocket pc’s; warehouse operations, inventory movements, hot sales can be performed by the employees on the field.


You can easily manage, reach your daily datas and make instant evaluations from your iPhone, iPad or any other smart phone or tablet. This will help you manage your high speed operations effectively and embrace the advantages in the market.

Supply Chain Management


Extreme Business Solutions’ applications will optimize your processes, minimize your costs and use your resources in the most effective way.


The process that starts with providing resources and planning the production, covers every step from production to delivery.


Supply chain process has sub processes like customer relations, supplier relations, inventory management, product management, requirement and warehouse & logistics management.
Companies that can’t keep track of their inventory and have unneccessary inventory, won’t have the ability to move in today’s market conditions. A trustworthy suppy chain management system can find the optimal inventory levels and minimize inventory costs so the company can move quickly and react every change in the market.


With Extreme Business Solutions’ flexible and dynamic applications, your product or service will be delivered to your customers at the right time in the wanted price and quality so you can manage your productivity and capacity to lower your costs and adapt the market conditions.







Human Resource Management


To have agility, sustainable improvement and to be ahead of your competitors in this competitive world, you must be financially strong and most importantly you must have a strong human resource.
Here is a list of functions in the scope of Human resources management;

  • Job analysis and job design
  • Human resources planning and employee selection
  • Education and development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Career development
  • Job valuation
  • Payroll management
  • Job security and employee health

Extreme Business Solutions’ Human Resources Management module has a flexible structure which can adapt to your business’ needs. It will help you make strategic decisions by it’s analysis and reports so you can manage your human resources efficiently.


Quality Control


Quality Control is to take precaution or prevent situations that will lower your product’s quality. Main objective of quality control is to find the balance between customer expectations and your business’ strategic goals economically and to grow continuously.


Quality control stands on this understanding: A product’s specifications are the functions of the system that produced it. There is a cause and effect relationship between the system and the product.
If all the system variables and inputs are under control , your product’s specifications are under control.


The expectations from quality control can be listed;

  • Prevent the possible coarseness in production
  • Create an efficient quality control system with low costs
  • Lower the faulty parts by suspecting the unexpected changes during production
  • Prevent the lost time of labour and machines


Quality Control’s main goal is to prevent coarseness in production, because no business is founded on producing bad quality materials and losing money. If a company does not take precautions and sell out low quality products, their sales will get lower and they will face a big loss.


Other natural outcomes of quality control process are;

  • Getting the highest possible productivity from labour and machines accurately from the beginning
  • Preventing the time loss from fixing the faulty parts and lowering the wastage percentage
  • Developing a reputation by making high quality products and meeting customer expectations
    Preventing our resources to rot in warehouses before their economic values expire
  • Gaining the trust of the market and increasing competitiveness
  • Increasing the quality of our product
  • Increasing the employee’s mental power with faultless production line and lowering quality costs
  • Happier customers and less customer complaints

Advanced Production Management


In today’s market; planning your time and resources, productivity, costs control, supply management, traceability are indispensable preferences of a company to meet customer’s expectations.

Extreme Business Solutions’ Advanced Production Management helps you define complex production definitions, make quick and healthy initial cost analysis, plan your resources accurately , minimize your inventory levels and increase your productivity.

It is necessary to make revisions in product recipe and processes in this sector and market conditions. Extreme Business Solutions’ flexible and customizable product management will help you make those revisions and make order based recipe definitions easily.

With production planning, you can choose the interval you will produce the customer order by using which resources and by visual tools you can track your production status live and make real-time arrangements.

Extreme Business Solutions’ Advanced Production Management helps you make a real-time tracking of your production processes with barcode or RFID. With flexible serializing, party-lot applications you can keep track of all your processes from raw material purchase to product delivery.



Productivity is the ratio of the final product to used resources. It is a criteria to achieve the highest possible outcome from a resource. If two diferent product lines use the same amount of resources but one of them gets more outcome, that means the one that produces more is more productive.

In today’s world, productivity is one of the most important elements to get in front of your competitors.
Deciding the productivity criterias and measuring it is very important for a company to see how efficient and productive they are.

Extreme Business Solutions’ productivity management system helps you analyze the data from production field comparing with standard time. Lost time and interruptions will be recorded so you and the managing staff can easily uderstand the problematic processes and intervene or fix it.